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Another ABS problem fixed

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  • Another ABS problem fixed

    When I bought my red 98 Mark VIII, it had an ABS light on and the traction control was out too. I checked the error codes and they were ABS module and pump motor bad. The car came with a spare ABS module which I installed.

    The ABS still didn't work because the wire connector was melted and the power wires were dead (one power wire even fell off when I was testing it). The damage was easier to see when I removed the blue pin cover from the connector.

    The spare module came with a good connector, I was able to unpin and reuse the small wires from the old connector, but I had to splice the 4 good power and ground wires to the harness. The ABS and TC work great now.

    I can't seem to load photos now, I'll try later and also put them on facebook.

    This is the second 98 that I've owned, and the second one to fry the ABS module and connector. I'm wondering if this is a common problem with that one year only, 98 ABS module.

    Here is a link showing my first 98 ABS module and connector that fried, that one was burned more, I had to splice all the wires. Those photos are still there.


    1994 Deep Jewel Green 183,142 miles
    1997 White LSC 135k miles
    1998 White Collectors Edition 175k
    1994 Black (#2) 100k miles
    1993 Deep Jewel Green Convertible

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    I don't think they expected these cars to last this long.