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Pinion seal leaking

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  • Pinion seal leaking

    My 96 lsc has a small leak at the pinion seal.I,m thinking if I just drop the pig down with the axles still attached,unbolt the driveshaft and move it up,I may be able to remove the pinion flange and change the seal.Anybody ever tried this?

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    You don't actually lower the entire differential, you pivot the nose down leaving the lower rear housing bolt as the pivot joint. That is the procedure in the service manual.

    Some particulars...
    • You will need a flange holding tool (you can make one).
    • You will need a seal installation driver tool (a properly sized deep-well socket will do).
    • Make sure to index mark the companion flanges before removal and match the marks when putting it back together.
    • Check the torque required to turn the differential driveline assembly (wheels off). You will be attempting to match this when reinstalling the pinion nut.
    • Index mark the flange to the pinion shaft before removing the pinion nut and match the marks when reinstalling the flange.
    • Do not use a impact wrench on the pinion nut and do not hammer the pinion flange on/off. You risk damaging the pinion bearing.
    I was going to do this on one of my cars but ended up having the shop do it when they replaced the transmission.


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      Thanks for the info driller.I may try to drop the rear of the dif too because Ide like to pull the driveshaft also to have it rebalanced.I have a rear view mirror vibratiopn at 75 to 80 mph telling me it might be the driveshaft.