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Fundraising LAM Bracelets (like the Live Strong ones)

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  • Fundraising LAM Bracelets (like the Live Strong ones)

    I have a bunch of these bracelets to sell for fundraising for the LAM Foundation. I've seen lots of guys wearing these, and they seem very popular with the young girls. Get some, impress your friends! They sell 1 for $2.50, or 2 for $5.

    I can probably cover shipping costs. I haven't sent any out but they're pretty light. Of course, if you want to just make a donation to the LAM foundation, their web address is

    The price for the bracelets would not be tax deductible, but if you choose to make a larger contribution it would be. I do take paypal.

    Hopefully, if I do this correctly, attached is a pic. Oops, only part of it shows. OK, the other part has a feather and says A Breath of Hope for LAM
    98 VIII