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  • Menzerna Polish PO85RD

    For the detail guru's out there ===
    If you've heard of MENZERNA and have used their polishes then you know.....THEY ARE THE BEST - STOP. Their wax and other products are worlds ahead of most also, anyway.
    I have the LAST of the "PO85RD" none will ever be made again and the only NEW bottles IN THE WORLD ARE MINE!!!! MMRRRUUUUU HA HA HA HAAAA!!!!! *rubs hands together*
    On the auto forums like autopia they are going ape sh$t over this polish, and w/ good reason. I've been think of going on the auction web sites w/ this, but wanted to give my fellow Mark VIII guys the 1st shot at what little I have. 32oz bottles.

    PM or zalowishus(AT)gmail(DOT)com

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    RE: Menzerna Polish PO85RD

    Thanks Leo for making that point, I know "detail guru" wasn't the same as saying "week-ender".
    I just assumed people know what they're doing before they do todays world you need a preface for everything, because you just never know. Next thing is they have a lawyer for the web marks....
    Anyhoo, that write up was written in 4/05, when we didn't know that much about it, since though many people have been using it w/ phenomenal success on just about any vec. not just the German clear cloats of 2004-2005. Some of the results are really like liquid glass - astounding.

    Have you tried it? Or were you just going by the write up from Terry.
    I'd like to see what it'd do for a dark color Mark VIII, I've got a opal, :B which is bright to begin w/, but has no depth.


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      RE: Menzerna Polish PO85RD

      All Sold!!
      I may get more later, but only 4 bottles or so.


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        RE: Menzerna Polish PO85RD

        [div class="dcquote"][strong]Quote[/strong]
        I have the LAST of the "PO85RD"...[/div]
        So what are they replacing it with?

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        '96 T-Bird 4.6L


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          RE: Menzerna Polish PO85RD

          They're not, the PO106FF is the only one they're going to keep in the line, which is more powerful, more abrasives in it, etc.
          That why people are going crazy to get the last of it. It had just the right combo of abrasives vs. volume to get that mirror like finish, w/o having to use any other polishes. I'm set to get 4 more on Tue.