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    Originally posted by steve View Post
    Where is this statistic that says that most of these homeless are mentally handicapped?
    I don't condone those bum fights but I think I remember when they first came out and it was in the news that they all signed wavers. I watch boxing as well but I think it is kind of crazy to have a sport where the main objective to win is to knock your opponent out or at least daze them for 10 seconds. If you want to see a fight just watch a hockey game.
    OK, I don't have stats on the mental stuff, and it could have changed now due to economic stress, but there were a lot of stories that the homeless were frequently (?) homeless due to psychological problems and not getting the help they needed.

    Anyway, yeah, I won't watch boxing either, think it's disgusting. A hockey fight now and again can be fun, however.
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      From what I recall they gave them money and plenty of liquor. My nephew was into the bumfights heavy.


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        Originally posted by steve View Post
        Yup, the bumbs have free will and they wanted to fight unlike the dogs and cocks.
        That's all fine, but what about the vandalism and what not? (I don't know what is actually in the films...this is what someone else said they were doing.) It does give the bums free room and board (read: jail), but I'm sure the owners of the vandalized items/locations were not compensated.