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    I do not believe aftermarket hid's are compatible with the oem components.
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    No start on The Old 96er

    You were hybrid before it was cool to be hybrid. :ROFLMAO:
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    No start on The Old 96er

    For the effort versus the payback, replace the whole starter. You may want to inquire about a local automotive electrical shop that specializes in starters and alternators. Usually every town has one with a good reputation. They may have one on the shelf or be able to refurbish the one you have...
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    No start on The Old 96er

    I would suspect a poor ground cable. Often you can have adequate charging but with a poor ground connection you cannot pass enough amperage for the starter to engage. You can easily check this by adding a heavy gauge ground cable from the battery to a convenient bolt on the engine block.
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    November 2020 Photo of the Month

    Lincolns of Distinction 2020 Calendar November Photo of the Month “If you don’t look back at your car after you park it, you own the wrong car.” —Unknown —Unknown
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    Front or rear? Code 10???
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    The ones that got away...

    I've got more than a couple and it would be tough to rank them but let's start with the oldest... my first car. :cool: The best match Google could find for a pic was even the right color... A 1965 Buick Wildcat. The year was 1974, so a nine year old car back then wasn't necessarily a...
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    Vehicle security

    I can say from experience, vandalism is worse than theft. For that a good camera is what you need. An easy anti-theft device is a simple hidden toggle switch. I used to have one in a vehicle hidden in the glovebox that simply disabled the ignition. You could crank it even with the key but it...
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    The ones that got away...

    The latest issue of Hot Rod magazine had this topic for a column by David Freiburger of RoadKill fame. It was a good read and I thought it would make for a good topic for discussion here. ;) As David writes, "Of course, memories of old cars, like girlfriends, are selective; the longer they are...
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    Good to hear from you Bud! :cool:
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    My new mkc premier

    Nice! :reallod:
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    my other car is a Metro

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    Front End Friday photos

    The best kind of front end pics...
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    October 2020 Photo of the Month

    Lincolns of Distinction 2020 Calendar October Photo of the Month “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy cars and that’s kind of the same thing.” —Unknown
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    Minnesota Markfest 2020

    Cool... I hope you Minnesota peeps have a great event! :cool: