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    Thinking about new tires

    So what does everybody like in today's world for a new stock tire replacement?
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    Picking up my son from school

    How many 1st graders get picked up like this today?
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    My son on my tractor

    'Driving' my old Ford
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    Going to the track March 4, 2017

    Well the Lincoln is packed and ready to make a 400 mi round trip and some passes down the 1320 at Edgewater in Cleves, OH. (Cincinnati). It should be interesting to see what happens this time around.
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    Pics of junkyard rims over at LVC

    Posted in the Lincoln Mark VIII performance section. Drag radials coming soon.
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    Chrome 10 spoke directionals

    Can someone tell me why these are such a bitch to find? I swear I've found things that should be more rare easier!
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    Gonna strap it to a Mustang Dyno

    Any ideas what a stock 20 year old Mark VIII with UD pulleys will put down to rear tires?
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    At the track

    Waiting 3 hrs for 1st round of t-n-t
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    [ATTACH]13759Doing a lil work
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    Mark VIII values

    Am I just having a run finding expensive Mark VIII's or are these things going up in value. Seems like I'm seeing a lot of nice ones now in the 10-15k range. Is this the norm?
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    Mark VIII for sale on Hemmings

    There is a black/black 97 LSC on Octastars with a bone thrower. Car has 60k on it.
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    Dyno numbers

    So what do stock Mark VIIIs seem to put down at the rear tires and what does a tune seem to yield on these cars? Dyno Jet and Mustang dyno.
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    What seems to be the way to go 170* or 180*?
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    Pulleys Redux

    What has worked best for everyone? 1) A complete set of underdrive pulleys like a set from Steeda. 2) Run the crank underdrive, install an electric water pump, and run the stock alternator pulley.
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    What diff is everyone running in these hi tech irs rear ends?

    I ordered a set of gears today and I'm going to change the differential. I run a Detroit True Trac in my Mustang, what's the set up people like for IRS?