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    Minnesota Markfest 2020

    I could have brought 2 more.
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    Q: Turning off Air Shocks

    Tire wear might be effected and ride quality isn't that great. Myself and others use what's called an Ashem8 . It makes the air ride fully adjustable and i believe that he still makes them if you're interested. Runs about $160 USD.
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    Post a picture you took today.

    Starting to scrap another one.
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    October 2020 Photo of the Month

    I like the fact that I own 3 of the cars in this who's next...:unsure:
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    Minnesota Markfest 2020

    It was a great time Kirk! Thanks for having us over, I probably should have stayed another 12 hours o_O We need to have a another one next year once this end of the world stuff is over. Joe needs to drive his new one over and pick up bill and Sharron on the way.
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    Best Battery Jumper Thingy?

    The one I have also has built in USB ports which worked great for charging my camera while camping.
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    Vehicle security

    Honestly, a good insurance policy, GPS tracker and a camera pointed at it would be best. Alarms don't really deter anyone and just end up upsetting the neighbors.
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    Rear quarter window removal details

    Taken many of these out, never installed them though. Wonder if a heat gun would help with both.
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    Best Battery Jumper Thingy?

    Bought a Dewalt jump pack recently and it's come in handy multiple times for multiple. Would recommend.
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    We're Back!!

    Was just thinking if renewing my membership was even worth it with out the forum. I'm glad it's on the mend. Thanks Mike.
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    A car photo to try posting photos on the new site

    Not a Lincoln picture but let's see if this works.
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    Dad's Truck

    Got the transmission back at the end of January, replaced all the bearings, syncros, brass blocs, slave cylinder and repainted it. Got the engine torn down to the long block, replacing the intake, valve covers, oil pan, timing cover and water pump gaskets. .
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    Dad's Truck

    While the drive train is out I'm going to address some of the rust on the body and clean the engine bay.
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    Dad's Truck

    Cleaned the back side of the engine as well since I am there.
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    Dad's Truck

    Started on the exhaust side too...broke a stud in the head, I'm getting tired of this. cleaned and ready for new gaskets.