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    Solenoid wont close

    I hate to ask this obvious question, but did you check the air ride switch in the trunk. The tire tech may have turned it off and forgot to turn it back on.
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    Leo Cerruti

    RIP Leo. Does anyone know what happened to Moose?
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    We're Back!!

    Let me add my thanks to everyone involved. The previous version was a bear, as in Grizzly!!
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    Death in my family

    Mike: I know this is 5 months late, but I have been having trouble with this site since last year. My sympathies on the loss of your child. I can't imagine the loss that you feel.
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    FS: (Not mine) 1997 Lincoln MarkVIII BoT

    From Facebook Marketplace:
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    FS: (Not mine) 1997 Lincoln MarkVIII

    From Facebook Marketplace:
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    FS: (Not mine) 1993 Lincoln MarkVIII

    From Facebook Marketplace:
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    FS: (Not mine) 1996 MarkVIII LSC RoG

    From Facebook: Looks like it had a front collison, with a base bumper cover installed.
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    FS: 1993 MarkVIII(Not mine)

    1993 MarkVIII parts car...From facebook marketplace:
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    1996 MarkVIII VLCM.

    Found this on Ebay, if anyone needs an extra:
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    Mark VIII's in Florida

    I just wanted to put this out there. I posted some MarkVIII's from Florida in the for sale section, but have discovered a few more. Right now if you change the location to Lutz, FL with a distance of 100 miles, there are at least 19 Mark VIII's listed. Also a couple of MarkVII's. Just in...
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    FS: (Not mine) 97/98 Base MKVIII

    From Facebook marketplace:
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    FS: (Not mine) 1998 MarkVIII BoB LSC

    Found this on Facebook Marketplace: