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    Lincoln Mark Vlll keeper

    Welcome, Johnny!! That's a great price for any running car, let alone a Mark VIII, even if it does need some work. The connector for the fan at the radiator is a common trouble spot. I'd start there for sure. Failing that, you'll want to run the self-test described in this thread...
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    Winter Tires Recommendation

    I ran the General Altimax "Arctic" on my '99 Town Car. I'll be fully transparent that I bought them because they were the least expensive option at the time, but I had great luck with them and I'd run them again without hesitation. Quite regularly I'd go out in the middle of a storm that only...
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    Mark VIII #3

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    Shock Mount Qustion

    I feel like when I did this waaay back, the factory sleeve was actually too small, and I had to drill it out with the drill press. Cooked the belts in that thing pretty badly that day, but I got the job done.
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    Cooling fan connector

    I never knew that "crimper envy" was a thing. :D I still use the one built into my multi-tool. "The best crimper you have, is the one you have on you."
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    After Market Head unit and Parking assist audio

    Welcome! And congrats on your L!! I've owned two "regular" Town Cars, and always lusted after the "Loooong" one. Can't wait to see some photos. Consider me very envious. I can't give you any information either, only encouragement. I would not be surprised however if all of the parking...
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    Head swap? 2005 Aviator to 1998 Mark LSC

    Looks like "about 2 beer cans high" to me.. :D
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    Cooling fan connector

    +1 Those butt connectors with the built in heat shrink are the bomb. only way to beat that is solder and heat shrink, but who has the time for that except maybe Bill and myself. :)
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    Head swap? 2005 Aviator to 1998 Mark LSC

    I bed they're cheap enough to pick up to be worth trying though.. :) Correct me if I'm wrong.. I thought the OEM fuel rails will technically fit with the Cobra intake, but it's a tight fit, and/or it puts things like the Schrader valve out of reach? I feel like folks have done it, but it's...
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    Car won’t start w/anti theft

    I'd put my money on the steering wheel lock. If the wheel is pushing hard against the locking mechanism, it can be hard to turn the key. Just rock the wheel slightly side to side as you're turning the key and see if it frees up..
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    Replaced the alternator, 2 days later the serpentine belt shreds off

    My first guess is that the belt was off by 1 rib, somewhere.. I'd imagine that's happened to all of us at one time or another.. If you still have the old alternator, it wouldn't hurt to compare the pulleys to make sure they have the same number of ribs. assuming all of that checks out, my...
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    Recommendation Please

    Assuming you're not going for performance, I had great luck with the General "Altimax" tires on my '99 town car. Some googling tells me they were probably the RT43? but that was a long time ago, and I can't be sure.. :) They weren't fantastic in the snow, but I remember them riding well, and...
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    Head swap? 2005 Aviator to 1998 Mark LSC

    heh. I clicked this thread to say "hey. after all these folks said not to bother, and you're still thinking about it, you should totally do it." After all, someone has to be the first at everything. Alternatively, the Cobra intake is proven, known, well documented, fits nicely, and looks...
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    93 VCRM Burned out while attending the Lincoln Homecoming - Fixed

    I like how your camera decided that the Fish mailbox was the most important thing in this photo..
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    93 VCRM Burned out while attending the Lincoln Homecoming - Fixed

    Wow. That cleaned up really nicely! I know you're not above doing the splicing when required, but I agree that this fix is preferable by quite a margin. Excellent work, Bill! Thanks for the update!