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    My 97 Mark VIII out for the summer

    I was going to say, You're well ahead of me. The best I've managed so far is to move it into the "summer position" in the garage, so it's not blocked in by the snowblower anymore.. I do have the yearly oil change supplies ready to go also, but it's still pretty chilly here. That'll wait at...
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    87 f150 5.0 manual transmission 4wd

    Aah, memories. Driller is right. Definitely check that ignition module. when it fails, the engine stops right now... I think it was one of the GrandMarq guys who told me once. "If it still says "motorcraft" on it, replace it." :) I've replaced at least three of them in my lifetime. Looks...
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    Carlisle Ford Nationals 2022

    Just got myself signed up a few days ago. This was a good reminder. I'd been putting it off. :D If we ever get a week without snow here in MN, I'll actually be able to get the car out and give it a once over. I'm tired of driving my pickup..
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    MKZ Hybrid 12v Battery Discharge

    Congrats on the RV sale, Bud! I'm honestly surprised it didn't move sooner. It seems like this would be a good market to be a seller.
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    Cobra intake manifold bolt orentation HELP

    Or did your "bag of bolts" come with some of different lengths? I've never had one of these manifolds off, but I can imagine how nervous I'd be if I was provided with two "suspiciously long" bolts, for example...
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    Fuel efficiency?

    14 doesn't seem out of line if you're doing exclusively city driving. Particularly if the weather is cold, and/or you drive like the rest of us do.. :) I've used an app called "Fuelio" in the past to more accurately track economy. Just plug in the data each time you fill up, and it does the...
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    I,m a new member

    Welcome, Andy! No doubt you'll recognize quite a few of the names here since you've been in the community for 10 years. Can't go wrong with a black-on-black car, and I still think the first-gens look sharp, even if I've never owned one.. :D I know Bill has done a couple write-ups on the seat...
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    Just another "big weather event" thread

    Slightly taller, and that'd make a sweet wagon..
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    Just another "big weather event" thread

    4 wheel drive still working in the 'Navi? :D I wonder how Steve 'n company are doing... Mike P, how's your neighborhood? Bud, Joe...
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    Just another "big weather event" thread

    Hey East Coasters, how's that big snow going? Hang in there, and keep us posted!
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    97 Mark 8 LSC 195k, 98 Mark 8 base 66k

    Welcome! Two Marks! That's a fine dedication to the breed.
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    My Restoration of a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII CE

    Very impressive. Your shop did some excellent work there. I gasped when I saw the cut-out emblem from the back seat, then realized that was the "before" photo. They really look great. And that new headliner takes the luxury up a big step or two. it looks like it belongs there, which is why...
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    Anyone have a Ford Rotunda Super Star II manual

    It'll do the Air Ride for sure, which is why a lot of folks seek them out. I feel like troubleshooting the ABS system is on the list also.
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    My Restoration of a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII CE

    Ok. So I just flipped through the photos, and I have questions. :D Tell me the story of those seats. And the headliner!
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    My Restoration of a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII CE

    Welcome back!! Great find with this car. I'd be all-in for a "midwest" meet up in the spring, too.