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    Fuel level sensor

    Eric, I had the tank off your car a couple times. The pump is newish, but the sending unit is original. If memory serves, removing the exhaust from the hangers, and unbolting the driveshaft gives you just enough room to unbolt the tank and let it "sit" on the exhaust. you're going blind, but...
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    Replacement Radio

    Heh. I put in a "Joying" a couple years back, and it's not great, mostly due to it only having low memory and a slow-ish processor. But that was at a time when nobody else was doing android. It runs apps, has low touch latency, gps, and a couple SD slots. It checks a lot of boxes, but I...
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    Other Car Inquiry

    I've been one-upped. :D Nice truck, Driller!
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    Other Car Inquiry

    Maybe - Your definition may be different from mine, but considering you're talking about a Tacoma, I'm guessing we are in the same boat. I've been running a set of Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires on my Dakota for a couple seasons now, and have been very pleased with them. They perform quite well...
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    Fuel smell

    I do believe that's the part. Here's the thread Driller was probably thinking of. It's actually my old car, but owned by another club member now. I do think that part resolved it for him, but it isn't super clear. (skip to page 2 for the good stuff.)...
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    Mk VIII stuff free just come get it

    This seems like a great haul. I'm glad you're in a position to save it, Bill!
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    Carlisle Ford Nationals 2021

    I still think the '93 is one of the prettiest marks out there, so I'll never complain when that one shows up. If the '96 is too daunting and you want a 2nd vehicle, print yourself up a "I wish I was a Mark VIII" poster for the 'stang, and register that.. My next task is to see what the kids'...
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    Carlisle Ford Nationals 2021

    As of a few minutes ago, I'm registered for this year's show. If anyone else has been procrastinating the way I was, it looks like it's still $58 until May 3rd, so you may as well act now. Don't forget to select the "Lincolns of Distinction" club when you register! Here's a direct link to the...
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    Updated my car stereo in my 97 and now conveniently includes Apple CarPlay.

    Bluetooth is finicky tech. I bet if you spend some time in the settings you can get it to connect the way you prefer. As long as the deck is halfway modern (not a 2008 implementation of bluetooth for example) I'd think it would support that. Too bad about the sound quality being "okay." I'd...
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    Updated my car stereo in my 97 and now conveniently includes Apple CarPlay.

    That's a mighty fine looking install! I installed a "Joying" Chinese Android unit a few years back to get the same conveniences. The low price I paid did come with some disadvantages though. it's a bit tight on RAM which impacts the performance. I have no doubt that going with a mainstream...
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    Welcome, Jay!
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    It belongs in a museum.

    "This has to be one of the strangest cars we've seen somebody collect." :D I've been called worse...
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    Carlisle Ford Nationals 2021

    Beerdog doesn't spoil the fun, Beerdog brings the fun! (and those sweet, sweet Chicago microbrews.)
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    97 white Opal Opalescent Mark VIII

    The car is looking great regardless, Bill! Mine is still parked in by the snowblower. Things are finally greening up around here, but temps still dipping below freezing overnight. I am looking forward to the spring dust-off.
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    Post a picture you took today.

    I can't say that I figured you as a scuba diver and/or caver! I demand a story. I also demand that you set the date on your camera. :)