FS: 1997 Mark VIII


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Posting for one of our new members - Michael Murnock.

1997 Lincoln Mark VIII
32V In-Tech


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Nice lookin' car.

Where have I seen those wheels before?


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32V In-Tech Cobra V8, horsepower enhancement, aluminum alloy wheels, whitewall tires, after-market sound amplification, black pearl paint, non-smoking vehicle, custom cover, current inspection, mileage 143, 400. Asking $5,000.
(Four snow ties mounted on original wheels available also.)
Contact Mike at 814 474-4501.


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1997 Lincoln Mark VIII
32V In-Tech (“Cobra”) V8 (300+ hp), sun roof, leather seats, aluminum alloy wheels,
after-market sound system, mileage 143,378

Additional notes:
  1. Records at time of purchase indicate steering wheel recall work was done in 1999.
  2. Features include a six-disc player (with after-market amplification), and sun roof.
  3. Repainting was done in 2014 (black pearl on black); colored flake enhancement.
  4. Aluminum alloy wheels with whitewall tires.
  5. Carefully cared-for car, non-smoking vehicle.
  6. *This headlamp is not original – thus the dash read-out. They work.
  7. **These shocks are not original – thus the dash read-out. They work.
  8. Four snow tires (mounted on original wheels) available as well.
  9. Custom made cover.
  10. No damage during our ownership; earlier check reported same for 1997-2002.
  11. Current inspection sticker.


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Maintenance Log
Year Items Mileage
March Purchased. oil change w/filter, air filter 36,072
May alignment, summer wheels purchased 37,146
May oil change w/filter 38,124
September oil change w/filter 43,284
March low beam unit: driver’s side 47,836
July oil change w/filter 50,836
August rear brakes, front rotors, alignment 52,380
September oil change w/filter, air filter 54,123
January battery 57,909
February oil change w/filter 58,534
June oil change w/filter 64,332
June transmission fluid change, alignment 64,612
September oil change w/filter 68,490
November bearings replaced 69,818
December thermostat, heat blend motor 72,142
January oil change w/filter 73,975
May oil change w/filter 77,303
September oil change w/filter, air filter 82,319
November tires 84,800
December front brakes & rotors 85,490
January oil change w/filter 86,324
June oil change w/filter 89,490
August front bearings 90,878
October oil change w/filter, wiper blades 93,186
October new spark plugs , rear brakes & rotors 93,946
February oil change w/filter 96,916
September oil change w/filter, alignment 101,580
November oil change w/filter, heater fan repair 103,844
April oil change w/filter 108,302
June air filter 110,000
September oil change w/filter 113,478
September heater replacement 114,393
October oil undercoat 114, 829
November oil change w/filter 115,866
January #5 coil, fuel filter 117,328
March oil change w/filter 118,800
April left front bearings 119,980
May ball joint 120, 251
June ball joint 121,113
June oil change w/filter 121,345
July passenger headlamp* 123,505
September oil change w/filter 125,977
January oil change w/filter 128,668
March new spark plugs, LR caliper replaced 130,450
April alignment 131,560
June retrofit shocks**, oil change w/filter 134,355
July front bushings, alignment 135,265
October new battery 138, 997
October oil change w/filter, oil undercoat 139, 395
March oil change w/filter 141, 121
April oil change w/filter 141,868
July alternator, horsepower chip 141,912
August brake lines, serpentine belt 142,440
August brake caliper, right front 142,518
October alignment 142,721
August new battery 142,730
October oil undercoat 143,280
June oil change w/filter, air filter, wiper blades 143,343
October new battery, PA inspection 143,435