2020 Carlisle Ford Nationals Rescheduled


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The 2020 Carlisle Ford Nationals has been rescheduled to July 31 - August 2.

“As a community and region, we are making progress, working with one common goal; that being to flatten the curve,” noted Carlisle Events co-owner Bill Miller. “Progress is such that our state’s governor has shared a plan to re-open the state and its economy. With that plan in place, we recognize the need for just a little bit more time before hosting large-scale events in Carlisle. As such, we have decided to reschedule this year’s Ford Nationals from June to July,” continued Miller. “We are getting there, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone in Carlisle this summer and beyond for our great events.”


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Thanks JP.

I'm registered. and the hotel was great about updating the reservation. Now we wait to see if this date "sticks." :)