87 f150 5.0 manual transmission 4wd


i have an 87 f150 5,o that i replaced the pcm, the fuel relay, and the fuel filter. it has correct pressure on fuel rail. it checks no signal to injectors with noid light. fuel pump runs constantly. will not start but has occasionally. any ideas what i can check. bought the pcm from advanced auto and they ordered from the old pcm number which appeared to have been replaced in 2015.
Spark? Have you checked you are getting ignition spark? I recall these engines using a Ignition Control Module that was notorious to fail.
Aah, memories. Driller is right. Definitely check that ignition module. when it fails, the engine stops right now... I think it was one of the GrandMarq guys who told me once. "If it still says "motorcraft" on it, replace it." :)

I've replaced at least three of them in my lifetime. Looks like this, and is mounted directly under the distributor.


I also remember it being secured by a "proprietery" bolt, which in hindsight might have been security torx screws.