my drivers side air bag started leaking i bought 2 replacment bags installed the first one ,ran the car checked the height ect all was good . shut the system off to install the other next day now it wont air up at all , says check air ride system , tried restarting battery disconnect sensor check ect all i got was a code 10 , but my reader only goes to 95 not 97


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I'll admit that I don't know the system codes at all, but are you hearing the compressor fire up? If you do hear it run, it could be one of the following:

I had a heck of a time getting the air line to seal up correctly on one of mine a while back. I found cutting off about 1/2" of line to get a "fresh" section did the trick.

If the new part did not include a new solenoid, lots of people have trouble getting the solenoids to seal up also. Replacing the o-rings on those is basically essential. Luckily, they're cheap and easy to source. Here's a lifetime supply: