Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants

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Amsoil is the first name in synthetic lubricants and was founded by
Col. Al Amatuzio when he left the US Air Force. He had been a jet fighter pilot and knew that jet engines operated at rpm levels we only dream about with reciprcaing engines. He also knew this was done with synthetic oil.
He hired some of the top engineeers in the field to develop a product and in 1972 introduced the first synthetic oil with an
API certification for automotive use. Now everybody and their brother has jumped on the bandwagon with a synthetic oil!
Amsoil has continued to develop new products and today has a full line of synthetic lubricants with a full line of application specific motor oils, gear lubes, auto trans fluids, greases, etc. The ATF is by far the most effective cure for the infamous TCC shudder in the 4R70W trans thatI have found!
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