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VIII looking for 8s
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I loaded up Big Red onto the trailer and went to Great Lakes Dragaway yesterday with my buddy in the quest for 10s. Lots of variables today but we figured them all out and the magic happened.

First, on the new dyno tune when I was making test hits on the street little did I know that not only my 1-2 shift but my 2-3 shift as well was hitting the limiter due to traction issues and NOT the tune. We had pushed my rev limiter out to 7100 rpm to try to correct the issue and it was still happening so the final tweak my tuner pulled my shift pounts back. Well, once I made my first pass on a prepped track it immediately shifted at 6200 rpms so now the car was short-shifting out of first! :eek-large: At that point I immediately realized that I should have left the shift points where they were before and I would be fine. For the rest of the day I manually shifted the car to get about 6900rpms on the 1-2 and 2-3.

For the first hour and a half the car was running in the 11.4-11.5 range. I was quickly losing hope and was baffled as to why the car was running slower now than last October. Meanwhile, another fellow Mark8 enthusiast was on his way to see me run and decided to bring his to run. He has a Gen2 with a Novi Centrifugal on meth injection.

Here is where everything changed. :cool:
We got into discussing IATs and he was telling me how his are around 70-80 degrees after a full pass. All of a sudden the 140 degree IATs that I saw on the dyno didn't sound so good. So Big Red still has the meth injection on it but it has been sitting inactive due to a bad relay that was discovered earlier. My buddy looks at me and says we should get the meth resurrected again and see how it runs. So we took out the bad relay and stole the one for my horn and hooked it up. :laugh:

First pass after we hooked up the meth for some odd reason I lost my composure and completely blew the tires off out of the hole with a 1.82 short time but noticed I still ran an 11.4 but now my mph was up in both the 1/8 and the 1/4 by about 2mph. We are onto something here! With my 60s all averaging in the low 1.5s I decided to make another pass to get my 1.5 60 back and see where the ET was. Bam! 11.122@121.35mph

BUT we weren't stopping there. Now I noticed that since the meth is now active the car has gone a full point rich so after consulting with my surgeon over the phone decided to dial back 3 psi on the fuel pressure regulator. This brought my AF ratios from 11.2 to just about 11.5 on the wideband next pass. Bam! 11.017@122.18 mph. I didn't want to mess with fuel pressure any further so we decided to leave it and give some cool down time.

Next pass proved to be very similar with an 11.060@121.73 mph. Does this car really want 10s?!!!

With LITERALLY 10 minutes left of track time I went out for one last and final pass expecting to go home with an "oh so close" result. I did a John Force burnout and footbraked to 4000 rpm and let her go. 10.980@122.56 mph. YESSSSS!!!

To add to the excitement my tuner is going to pull some fuel and add possibly 1 more degree or 2 if it wants it now that the meth is running again and the car should go deeper.

Ladies and gentleman, feast your eyes on the first stock bottom end Mark VIII to hit 10s!! :cool:

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