Brief Introduction

Good day all, I formerly owned a 1995 Lincoln Town Car until its untimely death due to a terminal case of rust due to being a Michigan car since new. Years later now, I am looking into getting into the Lincoln game again, preferably with another Town Car. This looks like an excellent community to be in and I hope to see you fine folks around the community as I proceed on my journey. :)

I've owned 1986 and 1999 Town Cars. They were both excellent vehicles, and I want both of them back. :) I continue to see very nice examples out there, but prices are definitely going up here in MN.
Welcome to the Lincolns of Distinction! :)

I've owned a couple of Town Cars and still have a 2006 Designer Town Car. They are excellent vehicles for sure.

Not sure what peaks your interest, but a low mileage Town Car recently went for a record price on the BringATrailer auction site...

2008 Town Car

Just so happens they currently have a '96 Cartier Series listed. ;)