Carlisle Ford Nationals 2022


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Great pics and beautiful cars. If possible it would be nice if we had names with pictures. I know names but not faces. I've waited so long to come to Carlisle I'm now too old at 70.
I've waited so long to come to Carlisle I'm now too old at 70.
Bullsh#t, never too old... we talked to a gentleman who stopped by the tent and he was proud to say he was 81! :LOL:

I'll let tixer put the names and faces together... I quickly forget people's names whom I've just met but remember their car. :sneaky:
Working on Joe's car. What a suprise!
Yeah, the surprise was we had to work on the Navigator too! For some reason, on the way to Carlisle, the inner brake pad on the front drivers side delaminated and started grinding the rotor. Meanwhile, after the festivities on Saturday, as I was investigating what I needed for the Navigator, Joe was taxi driving someone to get a jack when his CE overheated on the way back.

Turns out the CE's cooling fan wasn't running. Apparently the fan connection was fried. I was able to test and verify the fan was ok. Then I cleaned the connection and zip tied it fast to the fan. Added some water and it seemed good to go.


He also had a pinhole leak in the coolant reservoir. On the way to our farewell lunch on Sunday (after replacing pads and a rotor on the Navigator), the CE began to show signs of running hot again. So I took him to the local parts store to try to find something to patch the reservoir. Long story short, it required two trips to the parts store, some UV plastic weld repair, 1-1/2+ gallons of coolant, an O-Ring for the crossover plug and a new coolant reservoir cap. Finally, we were able to stabilize the patient and we departed on our separate ways.

Great photos, everyone! I'm realizing now that I didn't take nearly enough. Must have spent too much time wandering around the swap meet and car corral..

I do have a photo of the "LOD service bay" in action though!