Carlisle Ford Nationals 2023


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I just realized we don't yet have a 2023 thread. Who's attending? I'll update this post with relevant details as I obtain them. Do we have a location for the club tent yet? I've had a hard time finding a map thus far.

This year's Carlisle show is June 2-4 - Gate-and-go deadline is April 18th, so if you haven't registered yet, do it now!
Carlisle website:
The Winner's List - (only really useful Sunday of the show, but easier than searching for it)

For anyone still registering, don't forget to select the club "Lincolns of Distinction" as you do so.

I'm pleased to report that my car was selected for a special display this year. I'll be a part of the "Coyote Den" display in Building T. Of course that also means the family and I will be counting on many of you for transportation.

Also of interest to someone will be that we have an "extra registration" if anyone is still in need. We had a big winner in last year's bingo tent, and since the car is in the building, registration is included.

Club Hotel: Comfort Suites Downtown Carlisle. -

Confirmed attendee list:
Team Driller
Tixer (and family)
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I registered this past weekend and today I reserved the club tent. Not sure which Mark VIII we'll bring, but of course the Navigator will be there as the official support vehicle. ;)

Tent location and showfield map is supposed to be released a couple weeks before the show.

Any last minute requests for club merchandise?

I hope the hotel bar and restaurant are ready for us. :reallod:


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I'm going to have to skip this year due to unexpected expenses. I will be making the Lincoln Homecoming at the Gillmore Museum though. You all have fun and toast one for me if you get a chance.


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Event schedule and map of showfield...

Click Here

If you're looking for the club tent, go straight through the gate and turn left once past the car wash area.