Cobra Intake Emblem Interest

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Mike P said:
....I can stick them on my shifter handle." I'm sure you can Mike. :) They use super adhesive and outdoor materials. Stick em EVERYWHERE!
thats it you are BANNED!

+1!'re talking about me!? :wave: hhahahaahha
I like the idea. I always get mad when people say "That's a Cobra motor huh!?" Umm, no...its a LINCOLN motor and the Cobra was actually based and built off the LINCOLN motor. :wave:
That would be me right here J. :wave:

I just find it easier to explain to most people when describing the engine.

OK everyone they have arrived and are ready!
Temple Performance Cars Intake Emblem specially designed with the Lincoln emblem to fit Lincoln Mark VIII's with the 96-98 Cobra Intake conversion. Easy to apply emblems with super adhesive backing and made from materials designed for outdoor use.
I have priced them at $9.97 each and have attached pictures for everyone to view.

I really like these.You guys are really doing a great job John.Keep up the good work.