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Spent the weekend with the MAMN12 gang in Martinsburg, WV and Hagerstown, MD. I decided to take the '98 CE to the track and see what it would run at the Mason Dixon Dragway.

The weather was not bad for August with temps in the low 80's but the humidity kept the density altitude higher than one would have liked. Starting at around 1700 feet early on and ending over 1900 feet later in the day when I checked it.

I was running on a used pair of Mickey Thompson ET Street radials mounted on a set of snowflake wheels.

The first time trial of the day netted a somewhat disappointing 13.072 @ 108.06 MPH. I had been hoping for high twelves from the Terminator swapped Mark VIII but with a 1.875 sixty foot time I guess a 13.0 wasn't bad.

The second run was a qualifying run and it came in at 13.041 @ 105.89 mph. I had lowered the tire pressure hoping to pick up some better short times but still came out with a 1.857 sixty foot time. The lower tire pressure seemed to do nothing except lower the trap speed a tad.

Setting the dial in at a 13.00 for eliminations seemed a no brainer. The first round of eliminations had me pitted against a 10 second Maurader who unfortunately tripped the lights red handing me the win with a breakout ET of 12.957 @ 106.54 MPH.

Now a bit nervous with the dial, I changed it to a 12.95 and took the next round with a 12.960 @ 107.66 MPH against a slower 15 second car whom again fell victim to the tree with a -0.055 red light.

Leaving the 12.95 dial seemed logical for the semi-final elimination round. This time I came up short with a dismal 0.237 reaction time paired with some tire spin at the launch which netted a sixty foot time of 1.926. The Margin of Victory for my opponent was 0.2306 which was pretty much all at the tree since they had a 0.080 reaction time. My final ET of 13.169 @ 105.20 wasn't enough to catch them at the stripe.

But the CE didn't do bad, all things considered, with a best ET of 12.957 and a best MPH of 108.06 for the day.


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