Drivers rear quarter panel on mark viii replaceable or need to be fixed?


My old car i know it would not be possible to unbolt it and change it with a good one, but on this car, would it be possible to unbolt the drivers rear quarterpanel so i don't have to paint my whole car to fix the bondo spot? I've had it bondoed forever, because i was planning on having it all painted, but money problems keep putting it off. If i could fix it temporarily, and then change the color in months, i'd love to find a good condition quarter panel.


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I'm sure others will verify, but I think the rears may be welded in place? On my '97 at least, I seem to recall seeing welds on the panel edges when I open the trunk...

For your sake, I hope somebody proves me wrong. :D


itll require on car body work, if the damage is too bad, go to a salvage yard and cut the skin larger than you need, then cut out your damage section, weld in new piece

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