Events 2020 ?


Any shows or gatherings happening? We could all park 6/8 feet apart with a sheet over the grille? I'm live in south eastern MA and it is a big country. Well if all else fails I'll have my 98 LSC all polished. New member but I've been haunting this site for about fifteen years. Good luck to all and stay safe.
I'm absolutely up for some kind of "safe event," but I'm also in Minnesota, which probably makes this impractical. I'm pleased to note that we do have a handful of members in Mass. All of whom have "very interesting" Mark VIIIs. A Mass Mark Meet should be a pretty good time.
Ok, wait... let's back this fun train up here a second...

You've been hanging out for like 15 years, and we've never hung out?

Where in Mass are you? There are a few of us in Mass that still get together fairly frequently.
Should have read the New User forum first... 🙃

Plymouth puts you in the middle of a few of us.
I'm all for a meet at the BadSax Corral. it wouldn't take a whole lot of arm twisting for me to hop in the car and head east.

I think I owe you, anyway...