FS: intake manifold, 1st gen fuel rail and injectors, polished stainless mufflers and double x pipes


Looking to sell
$90 firm-sandblasted 1st gen intake manifold- ready for paint- i dont mind keeping this as reminder to me, i know this price is higher than ebay, but its also sandblasted
$180 obo 1st gen fuel rail w/injectors- bought from an LOD member many years ago from a guy that said he goosed it too much and hit a fencepost and totalled his mark. I do not remember the mileage on them, i want to say around 100k tho.
$100 firm per muffler, $100 obo for x-pipes(was welded together when i received them) polished stainless mufflers and double x pipes from (was Geno his name?) if theres interest i can check the in/out diameter as i dont recall what they were. mufflers still in box.

buyer pays s&h