Karl Hopkins

Hi, I'm new to the mark Viki world. I have a 97 base with 78k miles. I am doing a new hid kit. The passenger side works fine. Now I found out that the driver side ballast doesn't work with the lot o bought. I switched the other ballast to the driver side, and I don't have power anymore to the driver side low beam. I can hear the oem stuff turn on. I am stumped on what is wrong.


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Driller is right. Our cars have the "Betamax" of HID lights.. :D (HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray? X2 vs K56Flex?? You get the idea.. All three of these analogies are wonderfully obscure if you're under about 35..)

You should be able to make yours work, but you'll need bulbs /and/ ballasts. Lincoln went with DC HID bulbs, where the rest of the world eventually settled upon AC. It should be a matter of swapping out the OEM ballasts with ones from the same manufacturer of your replacement bulb. Plenty of folks have done it. I have occasionally heard of trouble with the automatic headlights working afterward, but not always..