I bought my 1997 Mark VIII in October of 2019 for $4500. I have wanted one since they were new, and now that I own my own shop, I bought one. It had 66k miles and was in Palm Springs, CA. its entire life. I bought it over the internet sight unseen, with the exception of some carefully taken photographs. I have put another $10k in her since then and I still love it. I have done a lot of modifications, and am installing a cobra intake and exhaust manifolds on it now, after a sad dyno run at Mo's Speed Shop in Dallas, Georgia. I knew it was slow, but my CVPI almost beat it at the wheel. Unacceptable.


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Welcome! We would love to hear more about your car and modifications. 😎



Welcome Jay! I did the same thing back in 2014. I did install a locker rearend with 4:10. And a few other things. But still get 20mpg!
I do get busy but if you want to reach out to me that will be great!