Hey everyone 90 Mark 7 Bill Blass edition


Hey everyone just throwing this out there but picked up a (Up Above) Maroon and gold pinstriped and had a question about the rear brake calipers... When i removed them couldnt spin them down so had to go to a shop to get the piston removed. But when i look at the piston from rebuid kit it has no screwed theading mechanism. If possible does some one know of a way to safely extract this old piece out of the old piston to put in new one?? Thank you so much for your time!!!


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Welcome, Dave!

That sounds like a really desirable color combination. I still dream of tracking one of those down that has the digital dash. I remember it being the "higher tech" version of the one I had in my old '86 Town Car.


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Welcome! :)

Probably late to answer your question, but welcome and congrats on acquiring the Mark VII. I always admired those BB models, but even the standard issue Mark VII was a wonderful vehicle to own. (y)