Hey guys


Hey guys and girls. You may remember me from the early 2000's as newmark. I attended some meetups in chicago and at great lakes drag and met a bunch of awesome people. College and working had me tied up for years, i donated my 94 couple years ago. Hope everyone is well, and staying healthy.

ps, found some old parts in my parents basement just now and figured i would put em up for sale here before ebay.
used fuel rail w/ injectors-used
sandblasted intake manifold-used
polished stainless mufflers and double x pipes as well-never installed


i still see some posts from some of the people i met. thats cool! I remember trixie and her husband and son, he was making a sword at the time. I think i met a Bill from massachusetts that drove limousines. I remember not having put my plate stickers on my car and a cop in chicago wrote me a ticket at the meet on the beach. Wish i had the time and still had my mark, i installed the shift kit in my garage in the middle of winter, frozen hands got cut easy. And thru you guys i figured out how to control the air ride system and put some switches on the mark. i just drive a stock honda now, but i got a 2 year old...life happens, priorities change.


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Welcome back, Oldmark!

I would certainly have been a lurker back in those days, but didn't make any meets until just a few years later. Sorry to hear you sold the car, but I sure get it. We can't all hang on to these forever, but I'm sure as heck going to try. :D