High performance throttle body or spacer?

Sniper X

Man, every time I google something I get SO MUCH bad information not related to this car! So my question is, what is the best throttle body spacer or HP throttle bady itself for these cars with the 4.5? It's a 97 MK VIII. Already had a custom dual exhaust and am planning to buy a programmer or chip too. So second question, what is the best programmer that doesn't cost over 200 dollars?


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I don't think just changing the throttle body will do much, I don't know of a tuner under 200. I've heard a good tune and gears are a good beginning.


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Money well spent, would be purchasing a full 96 thru 98 Cobra intake manifold. A couple of modifications would be required, but there is no sense in installing a t/b on the stock intake.