Highway race list.


Ive only been able to get to the official track maybe once this year for midnight mayhem and it was a little disappointing. I only won against my brother in his crown vic and ran a 16.5 not entirely sure if the times were accurate because a 350z ran high 15s. After that i learned that my cat was plugged and my imrc plates were shut. Before i fixed the cat i raced 2 other cars, one was a bonneville and i was pretty happy with that win i beat him to 100 and then let him catch up and then took off again. Next was my brothers girlfriends grand marquis, again it was a pretty easy win.

After that i had the cat taken care of and seafoamed my car a few times, i believe that only one of the runners is still stuck since i can feel a little extra power and hear a distinct tone change around 3k rpm. I plan on cleaning the plates when the tbirds done.

After that i raced my friend in his mini cooper s, that was about even until 100mph where i started to pull ahead. A few early 2000s 6cyl mustangs which again were pretty easy. Thats about it really ive still got alot of work to do performence wise, i plan on doing more of squeezing more power out of whats there than adding power