Local 1978 Lincoln Mark V Cartier for sale


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Not my first choice of color but i love these old boats. Like driving a living room sitting on a couch. Only one photo and short description

1978 Lincoln Mark V Cartier, Lt. Champagne 460 eng. Am/FM Search/Tape Ill. Entry Fuel Indicator Defroster Group Tilt Wheel Speed Control Int Wipers R.L. Mirrors Lock Group Vent Windows Etc.......

Can't upload an image here, but here is the link from NextDoor https://nextdoor.com/for_sale_and_f...xtras=NzAzMjIxMjE=&utm_campaign=1715863209786
Seems like a fair price for what I could see. (most of the image was covered with a nag screen)

Cool car. I'd love to add another Lincoln to the fleet, and something like that is just the ticket. Too bad I just committed to spending a good chunk of my savings on new HVAC for the house.

I don't enjoy being responsible, but sometimes I have to. :D