LOD and friends NYE in Minnesota


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LOD has something of a tradition of having spectacular New Year's parties.

Although it's been a while since we've done an LOD-specific blowout, I've tried my best to continue the tradition here in Minnesota. If anyone is in the mood for a drive (or in the area already,) you're all welcome. Stop on or after ~6:00pm, and we'll see where the evening takes us.

Kids, spouses, significant others, are welcome. No efforts will be made to protect kids from adult themes however. Bring them only if they can handle it. :)

If you're interested, and don't know where I live, shoot me a PM, or reach out to one of the other local MN crew. It should be a good time.

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Pretty sweet that I cannot fix the spelling of "Minnesota." Oh well.
Sounds like a good time, sorry I can't make it.

You should be able to change the spelling, go to edit topic:
heh. nope. It looks like it does, but it won't actually save..
Well I tried and had the same results but today it shows correct?

Back on topic, I hope the turnout is good! :lodrules:
Happy new year indeed. Both Kirk and Luke made appearances, as well as a number of other friends and their significant others. We kicked off the new year in style, for sure.