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Here's my annual invite to the New Year's Eve party at my place in Minnesota. It's friends from all over, and the Lincoln crew is welcome, too.

Swing by sometime on Monday evening and enjoy the festivities! Families and well-adjusted children, are welcome. My friends can be a profane bunch, and alcohol will of course, be present.

I usually have adequate couch space for people to crash overnight, if required.

I figure by now, most of the local crew knows where I live. If you need my address, don't hesitate to send me a PM, and I'll get it to you.
Sorry about the dual-pictures.. It looks like we still have some bugs to work out on the forum. I'm getting an error when I try to correct it.
I just found out yesterday I will for sure be running a short day on Monday as I had requested so making this event again is of no issue. Is there a specific time Mike? I'm looking forward to this again! :cool:
Don't worry Beerdog, we'll fire an outdoor confetti cannon, indoors, in your honor.. :D

Kirk, Swing by anytime. I don't know that a specific time has been set. Whatever makes sense,