Long list of parts and stuff


Feels like I've made this thread before...

The plan as of right now is to put the Mark in the garage in late February/Early March and purchase a Gas saver like a Civc or Focus, Part of the reason is Gas getting so expensive and whether or not It will keep going higher(maybe I'll put something about that in here later.) the other is the car is falling apart around me as of right now this is what I have

-Some sort of vacuum leak pulling the RPM's down about 200 from what it should be
-Worn upper control arms
-Possibly Worn Lower control arms
-Dents, holes, and rust in the sideskirts as well as the rust the has returned on the quarter panels
-Still inoperable drivers side electronics
-Spotty IMRC Function
-Moldy headlights and tail light bar
-Sometimes Leaky Oil Pressure sender
-Worn brakes
-Wet and damaged headliner
-Cut seals around the sunroof and rear window
-Paint in extremely poor condition

Alot of these problems are fixable for me but a problem is is that this is my daily driver, I can't just put it in the garage without alot of planning on how I will get to where I need to go in the days it'll be out and alot of the time I can't do that. Getting something simple and cheap would allow me to take my time on it and make sure things are done right, rushing work on this car only seems to leave me disappointed in the results.