MKZ Hybrid 12v Battery Discharge

Been a long while since dropping by here....still alive and kicking - just not as high anymore ! I process of cleaning out the 2010 Arctic Fox for selling as we are quitting RVing. Age and ability to maintain it has become an issue. Stay young guys and gals ! The Z is doing just fine these days. Looking more like I'll be driving it untill the wheels fall off.
Latest update on the battery issue. No more issues ! I did purchase one of those small Solar Chargers and set it in the back window shelf. It keeps the battery up to snuff while sitting in the driveway. Have used one in the F250 for an number of years as I don't drive it enough. I have let it set for 3 weeks or more and it starts right up .

Hope all youse guys are doing well these days. Penny and I have weathered the COVID storm without any issues. Happy to see it coming to an end fer sure !
I'm glad to hear you got the problem fixed Bud. The cars these days don't like to sit long without being driven, too many electronics that don't fully shut down. Not like the good old days with points ignition, when you turned those cars off, they were completely off. Even the Mark VIII draws about 30 mA when sitting. Glad to hear you and Penny are doing good, any chance you can make it to Carlisle this year?
No chance of being at Carlisle. Big hint to keep these FoMoCo vehicles to shut off the Keep Alive function is to hit the lock button on the FOB twice so the horn beeps. Turns off that Keep Alive thingee in just a minute or two instead of a hour or so.
I am glad the double-click info reached you....I am still looking for the right Hybrid...and just as I was preparing to go see one, fuel prices skyrocketed! Now they are all going up in price and are selling even faster than the prices are rising! $5.96/gallon for 87 octane here!!! I am holding out for the right color with all the options I far, they've gone up in price/value to the point where it negates any fuel cost-savings ($28k cars are now selling for $35k) so my trusty DuraTec 3.7 and I keep cruising along at 23.0 mpg now has 88k miles, and a nice ESP warranty to cover pretty much anything....I don't utilize the 300hp or the prowess of the AWD much so the 102 hp LOSS of buying a hybrid isn't so bad in my eyes....38mpg would be refreshing for sure. Glad you still have the 2.0H and are enjoying the fuel economy.
The RV has now been sold ! Guy that bought it lives 50 miles N of NYC. Will be here tomorrow to hook up to it and leave with it !

I do enjoy the mileage I am getting with the MKZ. Fill the tank once a month if it needs it or not. Huge 12 gal tank ! LOL
Congrats on the RV sale, Bud! I'm honestly surprised it didn't move sooner. It seems like this would be a good market to be a seller.
Still enjoying the Z Car . As an update of the battery drainage issue, I found out of I turn the automatic headlight switch to the OFF position before I leave the car I no longer have the drain issue. I still click the remote lock button twice and I installed a solar charger that I keep on the rear shelf.
I STILL have the battery discharge issue. If I have a few cloudy days it'll discharge below the starting voltage. Have to drag out the charger and let it charge for 4 hour minimum. I looking to trade it for something else and I too won't be looking at Lincoln's either. As Bill sez I won't be leaving Lincoln as Lincoln left me. Ford's (Lincoln's) idea for only selling SUV's sucks ! I do still have the '05 F250 diesel too - it's only got 47,XXX miles on it and no one wants to [pay what its worth so I'm keeping it . Nice to have hardly any emission controls on it ! Sold the RV a couple of years ago and got almost what I paid for it !

I've said in the past I'd never buy a Jap car but my past sayings are beginning to be just that...a thing of the past. I'll let ya's know what I come up'll prob be summer by that time.

Huh. Just tried to remove the RV from my sig but the site wouldn't let me. JP if you can do it for me I'd appreciate it.
After spending a lot of time on the net I finally figured out that my discharge issue is a "common" issue with the Lincoln brand. Esp the MK models since 2014. What's happening is after the car is turned off one (or more) of the module's are turning themselves "on" for some period of time then turning off. This continues until the starting battery runs down or you drive it before that to get the battery re-charged. Also, the solar charger worked too if we didn't have multiple cloudy days or my rear windshield was covered with snow.

So now after checking with my aftermarket warranty company to see if was covered for this issue and was authorized for the repair I have an appointment with Koons Lincoln of Annapolis to attempt is find and correct the issue. As there are about 14-15 modules in this car it'll take them some time to find and replace/repair my problem. Was told a re-install of the main computer program could possibly take care of it too..... hopefully there is a tech there that is familiar with the issue. It goes in on Friday PM and I don't expect it back for a while. Will be back to let ya'll know if they "fix" it.
This sounds like a tricky one to track down. you're right that you'll have to find the right tech. Hopefully they've got a high-tech problem solver on their team!
I'm hearing about this problem more and more on other cars. I would start with the factory (or aftermarket) alarm system.
My favorite was the guy I was talking to with the "modern" Continental at a car show last summer who noted that the car's computer occasionally looses track of the door handles, but a reboot fixes it. :)
Well, I got the car back and they say they "fixed" it but I don't know. They claim that ScanGauge that I have had in the car that plugs into the OBD port is "turning on the module that runs the data port (OBD) which in turn runs the battery down if not started in whatever time". It's hard to believe that that really happens...... I'd go if the reverse was true tho. I think the module is turning on the power to the ScanGauge. I have a question into the manufacturer of the SG to see what they have to say. Kinda like the donkey and the cart if you ask me. In the meantime I pulled the SG out of the car. I've had one in the F250 for years and that never happened. But to be honest it would have to pull a LOT of amps to run down those batteries ! But I have left that beast set for a month without starting it. Guess we'll see what the SG people say.
ScanGauge sez they agree with me.... it's doubtful that the devise caused the module to stay on but I could sent the ScanGauge back to them so they could check it out. I've decided NOT to do that ...I just removed it from the car and will just wait and see what happens. Been a couple of weeks now and no issues.

I should put it back in a see what happens... know it will take quite a while for it to run down that brand new overpriced battery Lincoln put in there. I'll think about that. But prob won't tempt fate.