My Mark VIIIs


Ive been seeing alot of throwback thurdsay pictures lately and it got me thinking about all the marks I've had over the years. So here they are, for your viewing pleasure.

This is my first car. The first picture was just a few months after I bought it back in 2002 ish. The second picture is what it looked like when I sold it. The last pic is my favorite shot of that car.

This is my second mark viii. Its a 97 that I bought from a highschool friend. didnt really do any modding to this one, just used it for a year or so as a dd while I parked the 95.

After years of looking i finally stumbled across my dream Mark VIII. a 2 owner 96 LSC with super low miles. Its come a long way in the past 7 years. The first picture is the day I bought it. The second picture is how she looks now.

The next mark I had was a 98 I bought for cheap and ended up flipping it pretty quickly. I had a hard time finding a pic since this would have been like 2007ish and about 4 computers ago, and this is the only pic I could find.

This is my 98 CE. My wife used it for about a year as a DD, then I used it for almost that long myself.

Im sure most of you remember the Convertible.

Here are some pictures we took when we had them all in one place. At the time the green 94 was still my brothers, and we only had our other 3 for a very short time before the CE and Vert got sold.

Then not too long after that I bought my brothers 94.

And most recent addition, the 5sp 97. This is like the lvc whore. lol