Need the right tire size for unusual setup


I just picked up a 1994 MkVIII for a good price. It had been sitting for 2 years since it had the tranny dip stick leak. That's fixed along with all of the other neglected fluids and such. It runs great. But now I have two problems The first is a message center and gas gauge issue that I will post on the electrical area. It does need new front suspension too since it leaks down over night. I'll probably convert it.
The second is tires since they are obviously bad from sitting. The PO had a strange setup on the car. I think that he wanted it to look like a drag car. The front tires are now 225/45/18 on 18 x 8 rims. The rear tires are 245/35/20 on 20 x 9 rims. I'm sure that I could run 255/35/20 on the back, but what to run on the front. 255/45/18 would exactly match the rears for diameter, but will they rub without messing with the fenders. I could also go with 245/45/18, but they are just a bit less tall. What's the feeling on the best tire size to run on the front. I am considering the Barum Bravuris 3HM tires since the price on them is good.
And yes, it would be nice to go matching wheel size, probably 18s all around, but I can't afford that now.
Bill W