No minnessota markfest 2021

This is on me, really..

I didn't "own" it early enough to put a viable plan together. Compounded by an opportunity to go camping the weekend it usually happens, I took the easy way out..

This is definitely not over. I don't see my Lincoln friends nearly often enough. Thanks for calling me out on this, Mike! It's good to know there's still interest.
So I can once again avoid potential arrest at several airports... and or being beaten to death by an air marshal...

Still worth the risk IMO... :p
I've been waiting years to see a viral video of BadSax duct-taped to an airplane seat, but it has yet to happen.

I'm definitely not opposed to moving this event to the summer. Bill, are you thinking Pre or post Carlisle? Or did we all decide Michigan is the new Carlisle?

There's also still New Year's, if anyone's interested. It's feeling like that's going to happen this year.