Oil in Spark Plug Tubes


thanks, that's what i thought...
are there any step by step instructions posted?

i wanted to post:
Hello All,
I decided to change my spark plugs since it seemed about time
I have had the car for about 25,000 miles and did not feel right.

When I opened the covers to change the plugs, I noted that one of the boots was split. So, I ordered fresh boots and coils.

I just changed all the coils and plugs with




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Not that I know of, but once you get the coils and boots off, your half way there. Just remove the valve covers and you'll see the seals on the inside of the cover. Good time to replace the cover gasket also.


it is very easy. You will also want to change the valve cover gasket. Just but a good kit from Fel-Pro or Ford. The passenger side cover comes off easy. The drivers side is harder. It will not come off no matter what you think. The fast way is to loosen the passenger side engine mount bolt. Then remove the drivers side engine mount bolt. Then jack up the engine on the drivers side. This will tilt the engine away from the brake master cylinder Don't waste your time removing anything else..


thanks for the info.
Yes i have oil in the tubes and have a gasket kit.
i plan on changing these soon.
for the driver's side, can i change this if i remove the wiper assembly?


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I feel like I've read a few people with experience reference beerdog's system. I think that approach, or removing the master cylinder, are the only way to do it..

In the case of my Green mark, I just kind of lived with the leaks. The Blue mark doesn't suffer from this problem.. :)