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We are pleased to welcome you to the Lincolns of Distinction Forums. We hope you enjoy your stay, meet new friends, and learn more about what we believe is the greatest American luxury marquee of its era. Joining the discussion forum is free, but we encourage users to join the club to insure the proliferation of our organization.

This community is designed to encourage a peaceful, friendly atmosphere where fellow Lincoln owners can gather to share their technical expertise and experiences, while also providing a place for social camaraderie. It is our goal to offer the best source of information and fellowship in the world regarding our beloved Lincolns. We appreciate your comments and suggestions in our mission to achieve this objective. Feel free to send us your thoughts by sending an email to


We ask that as a general rule of thumb, you extend the same common courtesies that you would expect others to extend to you. This is not a place for people to come to start fights. It is also not a place to discuss non-automotive issues which some might consider offensive. Please discuss personal issues in private. Posting of another person’s private information such as social security numbers or phone numbers is not permissible, and you are not allowed to post private emails or inbox messages unless approved by all of the parties involved. Please do not use the Inbox function of the message board to send spam, profanity or otherwise inappropriate messages to others.

Every member must use his or her e-mail address and full name when registering for the forum. The Lincolns of Distinction will NEVER sell our membership's email addresses or any other private or personal information. If you change your email address, you must also notify the administration so we can change the email on record. If you wish, the message board software also allows you to block your email address from being seen by others. If you forget your password, a new one will be sent to the email address on file. Additionally, all registered users are asked to fill out their profiles to assist other members in answering questions they may have about a member (such as location, year of car, modifications).

Flames, insults, threats, mockery, personal bickering, whining, and foul language are not welcome. The message board has a profanity filter to ensure specific words are not displayed. It is a violation of the rules to circumvent this filter, or to knowingly trigger the filter. The LOD administration team may issue a warning or a suspension if you are found to be in violation of this rule. Additionally, messages that the LOD administration feel are inappropriate may be deleted without explanation. Cross-posting the same thread or 'advertising' a post in another forum is frowned upon, and will be deleted without notification. Failure to act in an appropriate manner can result in temporary or even permanent suspension.


We urge the users of this forum to use the Report Post link or email when a derogatory, slanderous, crude, hateful or otherwise inappropriate message is posted. Please do not respond, but DO notify the LOD administration of the issue at hand. We have several moderators working to keep our community cordial. Each one has the power to remove a post when an alert is sent.


Technical and other posts are encouraged and welcomed, however, claims for or against a product should be supported by facts. Speculation should not be presented as fact. If you do not have evidence to support or refute a product's claims, please make it clear that your statements are conjecture (e.g., "I think that...", "It is my opinion that",) Please do not incite a flame war by bringing personal disagreements to this forum. This is an open forum, which should not intimidate any user, new or old, for fear of being attacked or ridiculed simply by asking a question.


We offer a Classified Forum where all users can buy, sell, or trade goods. We do not allow advertising of products in other forums except in the form of a banner ad which a vendor can rent for a reasonable fee. We also offer vendors a specific forum to place advertisements. For more information about advertising, contact



A GUEST is a visitor of the board who has not registered.

Basically the GUEST may ONLY VIEW all forums with the exceptions of LOD Members Only forums, Vendor Review forum and of course the Moderator / Administrator forums.

GUESTS may not use email, private messaging, participate in polls or download attachments.

GUESTS may only view the Calendar and cannot see Who's Online.

Of course, GUESTS will not have a profile, avatar, signature, rank or reputation.


A USER is a visitor of the board who has registered to use the board.

A registered USER may view and post on all forums with the following exceptions...

A USER may ONLY VIEW the General Info forum, Chapter Forums and Vendor Review forum. Registered USERS cannot access the LOD Members Only forums and of course any Moderator / Administrator forums.

USERS can use email, private messaging and participate in polls. USERS may download attachments but NOT upload attachments.

USERS have full use of the Calendar and can see Who's Online.

USERS may have a profile(no picture), avatar(no custom avatars), signature(no pics/smilies), rank(no custom title) and reputation.


A MEMBER is a visitor of the board who has registered to use the board and is a dues paying member of the Lincolns of Distinction Car Club.

MEMBERS may view all forums(except the Moderator / Administrator forums) and post on all forums except the General Info forum(and of course Moderator / Administrator forums).

MEMBERS can use email, private messaging and participate in polls. MEMBERS may upload/download attachments.

Like USERS, MEMBERS have full use of the Calendar and can see Who's Online.

MEMBERS may have a profile with a picture, avatar(custom avatars allowed), signature(with pics/smilies), rank(custom title allowed) and reputation.


Signatures are allowed, but should be no more than four lines for users and eight lines for members. Basic BB code is allowed for signatures. Signature graphics(including smilies) are allowed for members, but the combined file size must be less than 30 kilobytes total, and the combined total area of the signature graphic should not be more than 120 X 640 (Height x Width in pixels). No image should be more than 640 pixels wide. Animated signatures are not allowed.

Avatar images must conform to a maximum of 80 X 80 pixels(100 x 100 for members), and have a maximum file size of 20 kilobytes(40 KB for members). Members are allowed custom avatars but must adhere to the above size limits.

Signature and Avatar content must conform to the Rules of Conduct. Content deemed to be offensive, inappropriate, or malicious will be removed at the sole discretion of the moderators of the message board.


Home page links, photo album links, and 'Host' site links are all allowed without restriction. Allowing personal home pages, photo hosting pages (including sites such as and others) is intended to allow users to showcase their car as long as the ROC is followed for content. Any such direct or indirect links to material deemed to be offensive, inappropriate, or malicious will be removed at the sole discretion of the moderators of the message board. In addition, links will only link to their intended site, and in the event that the Lincolns of Distinction Board of Directors discovers any offensive, inappropriate, or malicious material on the target site the LOD reserves the right to permanently remove said link from the Lincolns of Distinction Message Board.

Links to other sites, including commercial sites, are allowed as long as the ROC is followed for content. Any such direct or indirect links to material deemed to be offensive, inappropriate, or malicious will be removed at the sole discretion of the moderators of the message board.

Vendors and sponsors pay to support and advertise on the message board. All other advertising of a product, service or business is restricted to the Classified Conference of the forum. Any link may be deemed to be advertising if in the opinion of the moderators it is designed (intentionally or un-intentionally) to attract public attention to a product, service or business.

In most instances, a simple posting of a URL (even a commercial website link) does not constitute advertising. Accompanying text (or graphics) added to attract undue attention or the promotion of a product or service (with or without any link) will be considered advertising. Solicitation of the membership as well as any controversial links is strongly discouraged.


If any of the above rules of conduct are broken, the LOD administration will issue a single warning to the email address on record, and then the following actions will be taken. "Infraction" refers to an official notice of violation of the rules of conduct, a polite warning or reminder will typically be issued before an official notice of violation is issued.

1st Infraction: 1 week account suspension
2nd Infraction: 2 week account suspension
3rd Infraction: 1 month account suspension
4th Infraction: Permanent account suspension

There may be instances of extreme misbehavior in which, upon approval of the LOD administration, suspension may be immediate and permanent. Over the period of 2 years, Infractions will be “removed” from your record, so your continued “good behavior” will result in your record being cleared over time.


Current LOD members are additionally allowed to file a grievance in the event they believe they have been discriminated against, wrongfully suspended by a moderator/admin, or slandered in public. A committee of three LOD officers will meet to resolve the conflict. To file a grievance, send an email to

If you do not agree with these terms, we ask that you please refrain from using our forums. Again, this forum is for people to learn and share experiences from an outstanding online community of Lincoln owners. If you need any other help, email us at

Thank you.

Signed The LOD administration team

*** Rules Of Conduct subject to change.***
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