Starting issues


I have a Lincoln Zafron has power to it, but won’t crank over at times it wants to and then times it won’t don’t know if the antitheft system kept keeps on saying check source or power system
I'm guessing that you meant Lincoln Zephyr so I moved this question to the Zephyr section. I'm not familiar with the Zephyr, but I would start with the usual things like battery condition and connections. Hopefully someone else here is more experienced with the Zephyr and can offer more advice.

Not specific to the Zephyr, I have found intermittent crank issues to usually be due to a faulty solenoid contact in the starter/solenoid assembly. The battery voltage and terminal connections are good but the solenoid just 'clicks' when trying to start the car instead of engaging the starter and cranking the engine like it should.

My '96 Mark VIII currently exhibits similar symptoms but will crank right up once a battery booster is attached. My guess is the extra juice fires across the solenoid contacts easier?