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After being so successful last week, I as well as other members of my police dept. will be at Walmart on a donation drive. As people enter the store we hand them a list of items needed to send in a care package for the troops. It includes things like pantyhose to cover their weapon and baby wipes to bathe with. We will also be accepting donations to help pay the shipping costs. We will be at the Walmart on U.S.19 just north of Gandy in Pinellas Park. I will be there from 12:00 pm until 8:00 pm on sunday.

This is a great cause, and you can be sure that evey penny you give will got strait to the troops. If any of you should stop by, I will be the one in the blue uniform. Just kidding. I will be wearing a gray shirt that says swat team hostage negotiator. Hope to see some of you there.
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A great cause! I hope you get the turnout it desreves.
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Thanks Norm. With a whopping 8 views I dont think there will be much of an L.O.D. turnout. Considering the type of post this is, do you have a problem with me posting this in the glove box for a few more views? Thanks again for the compliment. Words cant discribe how proud I feel when I see people coming out with carts full of stuff to donate. I have spoken with a few guys who used to be in the military. They were telling me about how something as simple as a little package of snackwell cookies would really brighten their day.
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Good luck Adam, and thanks from those of us here for what you're doing.

I've got no probs with this showing up in another forum, too.