Tent Theme for 2019?

Strangely enough, nothing immediately comes to mind. Normally, I'll have a few (albeit terrible) ideas. Today? Nothing.. :)

Toga party? Kegger?

There they are. Terrible..
That's a start Mike.
Someone on Facebook suggested an Abe Lincoln Theme. Top hats for everyone?:D
Definitely classier than my ideas.. Pretty easy, too. Some variant on "Classic Americana" would probably play well with the judges, too.
Probably too late for this but I always like the idea of a drive in movie, we can easily download some really bad hot rod movies for free, we just need a screen and DVD or CD hookup. I have a collection of old drive-in ads.
I brought a projector a few years back, but it just wasn't bright enough to be useful in the daylight. I suppose we'd need a proper screen, which could be tricky.

I can tell you that a 42" screen will fit in the back seat of a Mark, but no. I'm not doing that all the way to PA.. :D
Looking forward to it! Thanks for registering under the club. That helps the Carlisle folks make sure we have enough room.

Saturday's the day to be there, anyway. Be sure she's all polished up, and ready to show!