WOW...just WOW


While its nice... what is the point? You can't drive a car like that daily.
Btw what happened to the HHR? And why do you have an S10 and why are you going with a crown vic? btw... my 98 is running great at 236k miles now. Original engine and transmission.

I'd get a new or slightly used focus with the amount of miles you drive...


HHR still does the daily,
the S-10 we've had about a year and a half-it's Brenda's daily.
She wants my HHR to drive, and I want another Crown Vic since I no longer do the 130 miles/day trip.

I want my luxury 4 door sled back! lol

oh, and your comment about your mileage...THAT'S another reason I want one.

2000-2006 Crown Vic LS or Grand Marquis LS.

as far as that Mark linked would just be a cool SLED to have...but yea...why bother.

How have you been Max?


Pretty good craig :). I got your facebook request also ;).

Get the 2002+ They call come with the upgraded PI engine/heads.

I love the crown vic but sadly its just too large and I think mine is WAY underpowered... (2.73 gears and 200hp out of a 4.6L don't help) But the trade-off is reliability ;).

I am not a fan on the Marquis because body parts are harder to find etc. Some idiot broke off the mirror on my Vicky in SF, $25 and ebay later... good as new. You can't beat that on any car period.

Crown Vic Sport :) or marauder is how I'd roll if I was to do it again.

I still have my plastic Government motors car... got some blingy rims on it i'm sure you'll be able to see it on facebook. I want something new because i am bored of the vette, but I can't beat the bang for the buck... I got nearly 400hp and 400tq and it gets 30+mpg freeway, and dirt cheap to maintain.


I have completely done an about-face regarding the Vette's.
now, their owners...that's a different story. lol...J/K

But yea...after spending week after week at the track and seeing what some of these guys are capable of in a street-drivern Vette(10.80's @ 131) and the like, plus like you said about the MPG...

anyway...I had my fingers on a 2004 CV LS w/ 68k on it last summer. dark charcoal gray with dark charcoal leather, tinted, ready to go. I was trading in the HHR, eating the neg. equity, and the dealer (Novato Ford) played me like a fiddle so I walked...VERY angry. I wanted the car LESS than I didn't want to do business with them, if you understand what that means.

Bottom line is this:
I have a 2001 S-10 with the ZQ8 package, but NOT a "Xtreme", dark blue extra cab, the ubber-rare ZQ8 wheels, dealer's have offered $3500 on trade in, so I know it'll fetch close to $5k private...I'm trying to just hand the title to a Crown Vic owner who's done with their 4 door luxo-barge and wants a cool truck instead. I'd go as high as 130k on the miles for a $3500-$5000 valued CV, but prefer a 2002-newer. far as Grand Marquis' go...I dont worry about parts/body parts. But I do know what you mean. CV = countless out there so parts are abundant. Grand oddity...a cousin if you will...same platform, different parts.