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Setting Up Your Webspace with WS_FTP_LE

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  • Setting Up Your Webspace with WS_FTP_LE

    Paid LOD members are entitled to 20MB of webspace, below is a list of instructions explaining how to set-up your personal site using WS_FTP_LE. This information assumes you are using Microsoft Windows. If you use Internet Explorer to browse the Internet, you might want to use it as your FTP client. Refer to the "Setting Up Your Webspace with Internet Explorer" thread elsewhere in this forum. To request space, send an email to

    1) Download the Software
    Download the software by clicking the link provided in the set-up letter. After it downloads, double click the ws_ftple.exe file to run the set-up program. Choose to install the software and specify "other" as the user type, then select home and personal use. If you choose different options, you may be prompted to purchase the PRO version of their product.

    2) Create the Local Folder
    Now you want to create a folder where your site files will be located. Something like C:\LOD, or create a new folder in "My Documents" and name it whatever you like.

    3) Configure General Settings
    Start WS_FTP. It will ask you to configure your new site. Name your site whatever you like in the Profile Name field. Enter the rest of the information as pictured. Both login and password are case sensitive. Choose to remember the password if you wish.

    4) Configure Startup Settings
    Under the Startup tab, delete the default settings for "Initial Remote Site Folder" and leave it blank. If you neglect this step, it will take longer to login to the server because it will take some time looking for a folder which does not exist. Your login allows you only to access your folder on the server, therefore you do not need to specify a remote folder.

    Under the "Initial Local Folder", enter the path of the folder you created to hold your site files in step 2. This is called your "root" folder.

    Leave all other fields and settings as they are.

    [font size="3"]USING WS_FTP[/font]
    Now you are ready to connect and get acquainted with the user interface. Once everything is set-up, click the OKAY button to connect. As you upload and downlaod files, a log is written named WS_FTP.LOG. You can refer to this log in the event of connection errors or other problems.

    On the left, you have your local folder and on the right you have the remote folder. When you first login, it should be blank as pictured. Between the two folder display windows, you have two arrows (<-- and -->) These indicate the movement from one side to the other. To upload the file index.htm, just highlight the file and click the --> button. You should see the file appear in the remote window. If you highlight an entire folder and click the uplaod arrow, you will be asked if you would like to transfer all files and directories, click yes to copy the exact local directory structure.

    These options set the transfer method for uploading and downloading files. Generally, selecting "auto" will work best for most users. Images should be transferred in BINARY mode while html and htm files should be transfered in ASCII mode.

    The green arrows on both sides go up one directory. You can navigate by double clicking folders to open them just like you would in Windows Explorer. **Note: Double-Clicking a file will transfer that file to the opposite window. Use caution to avoid overwriting an existing file.

    [font size="3"]OTHER OPTIONS[/font]
    You can use any number of aplications to upload and downlaod files via FTP. Click [|HERE] to search for current FTP programs. Some others I have used are CuteFTP, SmartFTP, and EFTP. The latter allows encryption wile transferring data. More and more software companies are incorporating encryption into their FTP software. You may also want to read the message on setting up your site using Internet Explorer in this forum. This is by far the easiest option for beginners.

    [font size="3"]ADDITIONAL HELP[/font]
    For additional information, refer to the WS_FTP Help file by pressing the HELP button. If you are still having problems, send an email to for assistance. For help with web page design and creation, software recommendations, or just general information, browse this forums index page for the latest information.

    Kale Kainoa
    Chairman of the Board
    Lincolns Of Distinction Car Club, Inc.