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    transmission rebuilders

    Tbh that sounds much more like the linkage isnt in sync with the console lever. Easy free fix which could do alot.
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    Interesting mark for sale

    If I had the garage space I would buy this. Price seems a little low for what it is though
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    FS: 98 Mark Viii LSC parts

    I've got a whole car and for what I'm doing alot of the parts can go, I also have some extra parts laying around. Name something and I'll see If I've still got it.
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    New Crown Vic

    Crown vic just arrived today, a little damage from shipping. They left the lights in it.
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    Trans fluid temps

    Does anyone know what temp mercon V freezes or becomes harder to move from place to place? I noticed that under 20 outside my car has slow 2-3 shifts and same with OD engagement
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    Car having a seizure

    Welp here we are again I was driving home from work when my lights all started flashing and my gauges went crazy Battery cables were good so im guessing pcm?
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    FS: Gen 2 headlights and gen 2 CD changer

    Got a pair of gen 2 headlights and the CD changer out of my car for sale. $100 for the headlights and $10 for the CD changer
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    Long list of parts and stuff

    Feels like I've made this thread before... The plan as of right now is to put the Mark in the garage in late February/Early March and purchase a Gas saver like a Civc or Focus, Part of the reason is Gas getting so expensive and whether or not It will keep going higher(maybe I'll put something...
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    Interesting ez rod conversion Usually i only see them done to tbirds and the roofline makes the car look eh. On this one i think they did it right although it would need a hardtop option. If my mark ever gets rusted to the point...
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    Adding a remote start?

    What's a good way to add a remote start to these cars, my car might just be special but none of the shops can find a way around the anti theft
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    Pop can sound and a door squeak

    At random times i have a pop can crushing sound coming from the passenger side of my car while im rolling, sometimes from the rear and sometimes from the front and im a little lost on the cause of it. Also on my drivers door the little rubber bar the door latches onto on the B post got cut a...
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    Car dies when it shifts

    So another problem but this time its weird I was driving and when i got to 3rd gear the car stalled for a second and then again when i went into overdrive. Thought at first it was maybe just the gas shifting in the tank or the occasional oddity that means nothing Tried getting up to 50 and...
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    Rear brake tool

    Is this what i need to get the piston back in.
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    To zip tie or not

    I have a race against an 04 crown vic soon and dont know if i should zip tie my runners open or take the chance of them not opening by themselves
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    Halogen conversion question

    So as stated before i seem to have gotten a halogen conversion kit on accident. I dont like the yellow too much so would i be able to get anything bluer or maybe an led in there?