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    2020 Ford Carlisle

    Guys, I have a proposal that I would like all of you to keep in the back of your mind... just in case. There is talk about canceling Sping Carlisle. If this Coronavirus hysteria goes on longer and forces the cancelation of Ford Carlisle I'd like us all to consder going anyway! We can still...
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    Winter (?) wash and wax

    70 degrees today here on LI! Good opportunity to give Moose the Younger a wash and wax.
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    Resetting signatures

    Happy to see the site seems to be on the mend! For the life of me I can't remember how to change my default signature.
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    Parts for sale from Moose

    Happy to see the forums are running better! I still have the following available from Moose who is now sadly gone to Lincoln Heaven. - Working rear neon (ballast is only 2 yrs old) $300 - Rear tail lights (1 NOS, 1 from Moose) $200 - Wood CE shifter $150 - 4 American Racing Wheels with Michelin...
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    Moose refuses to fire up

    Woops... something wrong. Moose won't start, he cranks and seems like he wants to fire but nothing. It's off to the garage already but just wondering what the possibilities could be. It seems to be fuel related. It has been a little of a rough start lately so possibly the fuel filter? Fuel pump...
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    Cant trace a misfire

    Moose developed a misfire on cylinder 7. Usually when this happens I just replace the coil pack and that's it but this time no luck. I replaced the plug and coil but still get the misfire. Where should I look next?
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    Display funky and wont shift out of 1st

    I'm moving this from the electrical forum because it shows zero views, I think the forum problems are to blame, anyway... Whammo, all of a sudden Moose has no RPM, gear, temp display. Warning messages are for temp, gear display, and others. I don't think it's shifting beyond 2nd either. Could...
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    Display and numerous errors

    Whammo, all of a sudden Moose has no RPM, gear, temp display. Warning messages are for temp, gear display, and others. Even the anti-theft flases rapidy.I don't think it's shifting beyond 2nd either. Could it be the computer or maybe the performance chip that's been in there for 15 years? I...
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    Moose overheating for a moment

    Weird thing happening. Temp will suddenly climb and pin the guage and warning will come on. Then in a monet or two temp will drop to normal. I figured the thermostat was sticking so I replaced it. Nope, problem persists. No air in system either. Any suggestions?
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    Major NY Car show

    O why can't I post to the NY CHapter of the site? That's weord. ANyaway, I have a major show tomorrow 9/8 with potentially some LOD members attending. We have three (coynt em) Food Network Stars competing in the Chili Cookpoff contest and I expect tons of really cool cars. Anyone in the NY area...
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    Cigarette lighter programing

    I seem to recall a way to program the power to the cigarette lighter to be on or off with the key removed. Am I dreaming or is there a way?
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    Cant sign in

    Forum thinks I'm a new user and when I try to sign in I get a blank screen. And yet here I am able to post this message. Weird.
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    Been a bit out of touch

    Sorry I've been quite absent lately. I went through knee replacement surgery on 2/28 then wound up back in the hospital with a bowel obstruction. I've lost 2 weeks of PT so now I'm on rehb learning to walk again. Fun and games!
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    Black on grey annoyance!

    When I enter a message it types as black on grey which is nearly impossible to read. It displays white on brown once posted. How do I change the entry colors so I can see what I'm typing?
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    Cold weather slam

    Moose slams in the rear when it's very cold out, below freezing. All summer and in warmer weather there is no leak or anything wrong, only in the cold overnight. I've checked the airbags and don't find any leaks. Once this happens it takes a while before ride height is restored, I think it takes...