03 Air ride issues


Well I've been chasing this gremlin for a couple of years now!!:banghead::banghead::banghead:
The Navigator has over 200k on her and it runs very smoothly I've always taken good care of her and kept up with her maintenance.

The issue only comes when its cold, below 40 degrees her in Texas is cold ;). For a couple of years it was the rear right side the one having issues, It will just loose the air during a cold night and t has a tough time going up in the morning sometimes it will take 30min to 1hr. I did replaced the read air bag on that side along with all "O" ring n that side. while is trying to go up the compressor does come on but it just seems like the air didn't go to the back bag. That problem seemed to go away but now the gremlin came back to the front right bag and has the same symptoms, this bag was replaced about 3 years ago I recently replaced all the "O" rings again and even replaced the seleniod on that bag.
ones again same symptoms, air compressor does come on but it will not inflate the bag right away it might take about 30min or more. Some times it will inflate it but it will deflate right away as if the computer was thinking that it had too much air.
I have checked for leaks and cant seem to find one.:banghead::banghead::banghead: so if you guys think im misiing some thing here please let me know.
this isn't an issue during the summer the truck stays up all day and night long even if you don't use it for like a week or so the air wont go anywhere.