03 navigator acting up.


I having a little issue with my wife's navigator.
Wen you go to unlock it from the remote the driver side mirror turns all the way to the left and it sounds like it's forcing it, at first I thought that I had it programed to the setting but I just reprogramed the remote to a new setting and it still does it.

Any ideas?

Also it won't unlock the car from the drivers side lock botton only from the remote.


My Navigator was doing the same thing when I first got it. I just turned off the driver identification thing that moves all the mirrors and seat to the preset positions. It stopped doing it alltogether. I think the problem is in the mirror and whatever is in the mirror that sets the position. I think that the mirror thinks its out of position and tries to move to the right spot. If your wife is the main driver of it she doesnt really need the seat and mirrors to go back every time because they should already be good to go. My door locks were acting weird too when I tried to use the remote but I replaced the battery and it fixed itself. Good luck and hit me up in the PM if you have any more issues. I have fixed a bunch of stuff in the year I have had mine.

Joe B