03 navigator with bank 1 & 2 lean codes.


I took my navigator to Florida last week and everything went well till about half way my CEL came on. Luckily I took my scanner, I looked at the codes and were bank 1 & 2 lean.
Last year same codes came on and found my pcv-upper of the intake hose was cracked and I replaced it last year, along with the pcv valve and the seal between the pcv and the valve cover.
I stopped at a gas stations and inspected that same hose and it looks fine. No cracks or anything.
On the drive back from Florida to Texas the car would "choke" wen I would step on it. I would have to go really easy on the gas peddle.
Sounds to me like its all related like it was starving for air or something.

So besides that pcv hose is there any other "common" hoses or something ealse I should look for?